10 Terapia cellulare degli stati comatosi

Cell therapy of comatose states

Bull Exp Biol Med. 2006 Jul;142(1):129-32.
Seledtsov VI, Rabinovich SS, Parlyuk OV, Poveshchenko OV, Astrakov SV, Samarin DM, Seledtsova GV, Senyukov VV, Taraban VY, Kozlov VA.
Institute of Clinical Immunology, Siberian Division of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Novosibirsk. [email protected]



We demonstrated that liquor from adult humans can maintain proliferative activity of cells of immature nervous tissue in vitro.

The paper presents the results of a retrospective clinical study of the efficiency of cell therapy in the treatment of II-III degree comatose patients with severe brain injury. Cell suspension consisting of cells derived from immature nervous and hemopoietic tissues was injected into the recipient subarachnoidal space through a cerebrospinal puncture.

The mortality in the study group was 8% vs. 56% in the control group. The 1.5-year follow-up demonstrated significantly better quality of life in patients receiving cell therapy in comparison with patients of the control group. Cell therapy proved to be ineffective for patients in a comatose state caused by hypoxic encephalopathy.

The study demonstrated the efficiency of cell therapy in patients with severe brain injury during the acute period of the disease.


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