3 Terapie cellular per Danni encefalici traumatici

Cell therapies for traumatic brain injury

Neurosurg Focus. 2008;24(3-4):E18.
Harting MT, Baumgartner JE, Worth LL, Ewing-Cobbs L, Gee AP, Day MC, Cox CS Jr.
Department of Pediatric Surgery, University of Texas Medical School at Houston, Texas 77030, USA.



Preliminary discoveries of the efficacy of cell therapy are currently being translated to clinical trials. Whereas a significant amount of work has been focused on cell therapy applications for a wide array of diseases, including cardiac disease, bone disease, hepatic disease, and cancer, there continues to be extraordinary anticipation that stem cells will advance the current therapeutic regimen for acute neurological disease.

Traumatic brain injury is a devastating event for which current therapies are limited. In this report the authors discuss the current status of using adult stem cells to treat traumatic brain injury, including the basic cell types and potential mechanisms of action, preclinical data, and the initiation of clinical trials.