4) Caratteristiche delle cellule del midollo osseo in pazienti con trauma spinale sotto condizioni di innervazione ridotta

Bull Exp Biol Med. 2006 Jan;141(1):117-20.


Characteristics of bone marrow cells under conditions of impaired innervation in patients with spinal trauma.


Chernykh ER, Shevela EY, Leplina OY, Tikhonova MA, Ostanin AA, Kulagin AD, Pronkina NV, Muradov ZhM, Stupak VV, Kozlov VA.
Institute of Clinical Immunology, Siberian Division of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. [email protected]



We studied quantitative and functional parameters of bone marrow stem cells and mature lymphocyte population under conditions of impaired innervation in patients with injuries to the cervical and thoracic portions of the spinal cord.Our findings indicated the absence of deficiency of quantitative and proliferative potentials of stem cells and demonstrated intact subpopulation structure of mature lymphocytes and T-cell proliferative activity similar to that in donors. The content of CD34+ cells in patients did not differ from that in donors.The percentage of CD34+CD38- hemopoietic stem cells was elevated in patients, presumably due to increased proliferative activity of hemopoietic stem cells. The possibility of derivation and in vitro culturing of fibroblast-like cells with mesenchymal stem cell phenotype was demonstrated.